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"The Need Of Quality And Services Has Motivated Us To Dedicated Our Services When It Comes To Human Health & Industrial Requirement"

F7 O2 Supplies Pvt. Ltd. Is A Dedicated Company To Fulfil The Need Of Oxygen To The Patients, Healthcare Companies And Manufacturing Industries With Their Everyday Oxygen Need. We Provide Oxygen Cylinders And Oxyway Concentrators. We Ensure The Purity Of Oxygen Is >95% In Oxygen Cylinders And >90% In Oxygen Concentrators. We Take Responsibility To Give Our Dedicated Focus, Quality Service And Hassle-Free Time Bound Delivery Till Your Doorstep, Be It To An Individual Person, Healthcare Companies Or Manufacturing Industries Daily Required Need. We Follow A Strict Protocol And Quality Guidelines, When It Comes To Sanitization, Sterilization And Purity Of Our Products. We Assure The Best In Class Products And Services To Our Customers.

Important Of Oxygen In Healthcare:
Oxygen, Found In Abundance In The Air We Breathe, Is A Necessity For A Human Life. Sometimes Beyond Our Control, Human Respiratory Health Is Compromised Either Due To An Infection Or An Underlying Disease. In These Life Scenarios One Needs Supplemental Oxygen Or A Respiratory Therapy. These Effective And Proven Medical Interventions Provide A Patient Improved Oxygen Concentration In Their Blood In Addition To Improved Energy levels, Sleep And Better Respiratory Health

Importance Of Oxygen For Industries:-
Oxygen Has Numerous Uses In Steelmaking And Other Metals, Refining And Fabrication Processes In Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum Processing, Glass And Ceramic Manufacture, Paper Manufacture etc... It Is Also Used For Environmental Protection In Municipal And Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants And Facilities.

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